This is JustB.

How did I find my calling as a life coach and trainer? Well, my journey started as a dancer. As a multiple professional world champion in Latin American dances, I ended my active career in 1997. During my active career and afterwards, I traveled to many places in the world as a trainer and mental coach. For several years now, even more clients have reached me through the opportunity to meet online.

Some people I teach to dance life - others to live their dance authentically - sometimes both.

I have been teaching people in individual coachings, workshops and lectures for over 30 years. I see myself as an inspirer and mentor to help my clients to find their own strength, help them to discover their full potential, to lead happy relationships, to find inner peace or to regain health on various levels. My experience showes me that illness is an imbalance - if you find the cause, healing is happening, and also health, happiness and satisfaction occur. Through life we all encounter problems or have to go through crises - the only question is HOW do you get through! Everyone has the ability to find solutions for problems or to heal themselves - all that is necessary is to restore the balance - I will help you with that.
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Asking the right questions

"Asking the right questions" in order to find answers yourself is top priority for me. Only self-experience has a lasting effect in everyday life. I consider "practicing" to be indispensable, because healing and change take place at home. For this reason, my clients often receive exercises after consultations, which enable them to deepen newly gained impulses even after a consultation and thus to keep them in consciousness until they new normality, has become a newly created life.

My own spiritual journey, numerous trainings in the field of holistic healing and sensitive perception also led me to spiritual life coaching. Here I use my innate and also refined abilities my senses. My talent is to perceive things that are still slumbering in the subconscious. Here, too, it is important to me that clients learn to feel and perceive for themselves. Intuition and inspiration are available to everyone - unfortunately we have rarely learned and not trained sufficiently.
What qualifies me the most, in my own opinion, are not my numerous trainings - it is rather my love for people and the joy of coaching. In fact, it lifts me up. That's how it is when you live your passion every day - doing what makes sense to you.

If a client invites me to do so, I look behind the curtain of the personalities - I perceive the loving core of a person sensitively. That's why there are no embarrassments - no taboo subject. Together we will find ways to freedom and success - that's why customers find trust in me.

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