My Dance Career

From Amateur to Professional

On this page you will find information and some videos about my passion and my work as a competition dancer and dance trainer.

My exciting journey through life as a competitive dancer began at the age of 15. 1997. I ended my active professional career with international experience.

Amateurs - from 1988

• 6 x German Amateur Champion Latin (1988 - 91)
• World Champion Amateurs 10-Dance (1987)
• United Kingdom Amateur Latin Champion (1988)
• 3 x Winner German Open Amateur Championships Latin
• 2 x European Champion Amateur Latin (1989/90)
• 2 x World Champion Amateur Latein (1989/90)
• Winner British Open Amateur Championships (1990)

Professional Career from 1992

• Winner British Open Rising Star Championships (1992)
• 6 x German Champion Latin (1992 - 97)
• 3 x Winner German Open Championships Latin (1995 - 97)
• 2 x European Champion Latin (1996/97)
• 2 x Worldchampion Showdance (1994/95)
• World Champion Lateinamerikanische Tänze (1997)

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Dance Classes

Today I teach competitive couples and committed amateur dancers all over the world personally - but also online: soulm8s

My experiences as a life & dance coach complement each other wonderfully - because EVERYONE can "learn to dance" their life and dancers benefit from a solid personality and a charismatic aura, which always goes hand in hand with personal development.

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