"A strong expression arises when you are able to express yourself." 

To have your own opinion and to represent it when it matters or when asked about it is indispensable in my opinion if you want to REPRESENT SOMETHING .In order to make an impression you should be able to "call something your own" and then express it.

In my dance lessons I repeatedly meet dancers who have problems naming their choreography - be it in numbers, letters or sounds. Personally, I think it is essential to be able to express what you are doing in some form - be it as a dancer or in everyday life. Through this oral expression, thoughts, actions and movements become more conscious and so much more powerful.

That's why I insist in my lessons that every dancer knows the timing and rhythm of his movements and, ideally, the timing of his partner as well. They speak a common language and understand the rhythm, speech and movement melodies of the other.

Everything in the universe is mathematics, sound, energy and intention (information) - in harmony! In everyday life, harmony means health, happiness and contentment - a dance becomes authentic, beauty- and graceful.

Learn to say what you are doing. Name your thoughts and actions. This is the first step towards awareness. Some dancers know their timing, but hide behind their belief: "I'm shy" - beeping some numbers softly to himself. I know this belief - "I'm shy" - just too well, because it also was my belief for a long time and sometimes it still is. ;)

In the meantime, however, it has become clear to me, that “being shy” means much more: “I don't really know what I want” or “I would rather not make any decisions - I could be“ wrong ”or“ other people don't think so.” It actually means...I don't have an opinion or I don't have the courage to stand by my opinion - right?

If you want to lead a happy and successful life - an authentic life in strength and health, one should definitely have an opinion and express it in some way. Living one's own truth - that is what makes someone a personality on stage of life and a dancer a personality on the dance floor.

I hope you find the courage to express yourself, because you are important! Say what you feel and think. Without your contribution, a piece is missing of the universe's puzzle. Nobody else has to share your opinion - but you do! So, trust yourself - everyone has the right to be perfect and everyone has the right to make "mistakes".


Wishing your all the best - Bianka

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