Love & Believe

Love & Believe

Love is a state of being. We basically cannot love someone - we ARE love. But what we can do very well, is to feel oneness. Everyone is looking for love and thus for themselves. That is the overriding reason why we are here - on this earth. Because in truth we are neither man nor woman, not good, not bad, not big, not small, not fat, not thin. We are - love. If you've never experienced this state of affairs, these words sound like trite esoteric stuff. You usually only hear such words with your ears and your head. But the heart space is the only place that can feel love. You cannot think love - you can only feel it. The talent of the heart is to SENSE - it is the home of feelings.

Only the experience of FEELING moves mountains, because when we have experienced and felt something, true, faith arises. True belief is much more valuable than knowledge because knowledge is an energy that can be assigned to the head. Knowledge spreads through sharing. Teacher. Parents, books and many other media convey knowledge to us. If you want to be your own medium, for example to experience what is actually true for yourself, you cannot avoid connecting consciously with your heart. Only here everything connects with everything - only through our heart we have access to wisdom.

I do not want to diminish the value of knowledge in any way. Knowledge is of course valuable when it is useful to us. For example when we learn to read, write, do maths and a lot more. But we actually get a lot of information that is sold as knowledge - which in truth is not knowledge at all. “Opinion” would actually be the more appropriate word here. But now imagine an advertising slogan that sounds like this:

“We'd like to let you know that we believe our skin cream will help you look rejuvenated! In our opinion, you should take care to look a few years younger than you actually are. Seven additives make our cream a real asset, because in the opinion of Prof. Dr. Obermaier these ingredients are exactly what your skin and you as a person need to get a little closer to your happiness in life. - Be aware! This is just our opinion - after watching this commercial, ask your own feelings and be sure to form your own opinion."

Amusing, this idea - even if I could well imagine promoting my products, if I had any to sell, with such a final statement. It would definitely be remembered - after all, that's what advertising is about, isn't it? Also it conveys honesty for me. I would definitely buy my cream!

But why should belief be even more important than knowledge, you may ask yourself. To explain that, I'll go back a little.

For a long time I kept asking myself what BELIEF actually means. Is it something like hope for something? Is it naivety, a religious concept? Why is BELIEF so important? Why should belief, of all things, as it is said in the bible, move mountains?

Now I know that it is. And by “knowing” I mean - I have proven it to myself and have observed numerous other people that it is so. Many books have been published and also videos that deal with NLP, affirmations or the law of attraction, ordering from the universe. However, these techniques do not seem to work for all people. This is so, because only true faith combined with joyful or loving feelings, things and circumstances can actually ATTRACT. Only what we really believe comes into our lives. That is why belief is so incredibly important. It doesn't even matter what I believe in, no matter what I believe, it will appear in the environment sooner or later. For this reason it is important to observe thoughts and feelings - if I do this mindfully and consciously, my faith, my real conviction will be revealed to me. The thought behind a thought is crucial. Discovering these thoughts and beliefs is not always easy, because they are ultimately hidden in the subconscious or just close to the limit of consciousness. For this reason, any form of meditation, and there are as many different types as there are people, is helpful.

Reality and Manifestation

Reality is different for every person, because reality is ultimately a belief - a conviction about something. Manifestation needs energy - the more energy the faster the manifestation.


What creates energy?

Love, passion, gratitude, joy are feelings that generate high frequencies - a lot of attraction potential. Equally attractive, however, are the doubts, worries or fear of not being able to achieve something.

I sincerely wish you a beneficial faith. May you discover the love of your life. Mine is life itself.

"After you finished reading this bog, ask your own feelings and make sure to form your own opinion." 😉

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